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We  specialise in offering professional development for Coaches and Trainer Training for everyone!

Will Thomas is an International Trainer and Speaker with over 25 years in the education sector and 15 years successfully running and building training and coaching businesses.

He’s an award-winning and best-selling author of 14 books in the field of Coaching, Leadership and Learning, and the Co-Director of Coachmark (The National Award for Coaching in Schools).

He’s  delivered over 10,000 hours of training in Coaching, NLP and Leadership, and has worked in British and American Schools abroad, delivering high quality INSET.

Will’s company has also trained and coached thousands of people in the education sector, military, health services, elite athletes, and government departments as well as private clients.


3 days of Trainer's Training

Build on your existing skills with this 3 day intensive where you’ll benefit from Will’s over 10,000 hours of training experience across a wide range of organisations and settings. .


6 LIVE webinar sessions

Attend our LIVE webinar  and coaching programme (1.5 hours per week), listen and contribute to the sessions. If you can’t make it LIVE, easily download and  listen to it later.


Get out there and get training! 

Armed with your Master Trainer and your Licensed Trainer  Certification, and being the proud owner of your new coach training business, you’ll be ready to get training.

Who Is This Programme For?

 I've worked with over a thousand coaches


If you’re already a coach, add lucrative training skills and a proven certificated course to your business model.


Add huge value to your training offer with this accredited programme that forms the foundation for further training, including the advanced skills and Masters level programme.


Train unlimited people in your own institution and run courses for your training school. Earn funds for your school and the prestige of being a Certified Master  Trainer licensed to deliver an accredited coaching programme.

Why Learn With Us?

Why join the Licensed Trainer Programme?

  • Build your credibility as a coach and trainer
  • Help share coaching skills using a tried and proven accredited course
  • Open career doors, add a second income or potentially a whole new career
  • Share your passion for coaching, and transition, to a life with more choices

And Why Learn With Us?

Because we’ve been doing this successfully for 12 years. Because the programme is unique in what it provides and in its value AND because you get the backing of a tried and tested programme plus ALL of the secrets of delivering exceptional training.

So if you are ready to invest in developing a whole new set of skills and opportunities, it’s possible that this is exactly what you’ve been looking …combining coaching, further growing your training capability and developing your business skills.

The accredited coach training programme achieved over 99% “outstanding” evaluations consistently across a 6 year period. Richard Churches, CfBT Educational Trust

The programme falls within a suite of courses, which culminate in a Masters programme in collaboration with The Institute of Educational Coaching and The University of Worcester.

The people on your licensed training courses will be beginning a journey towards coaching excellence; even more reason why they would  want to join your’s got real progression.

Main Elements Of The Programme

The LIVE Three Day Train the Trainer Programme


  • Introduction and The Development Continuum
  • How to stop a room ruining your training
  • Training Pre-frames and Objection-diffusers
  • Steps to Relationships Model for building ideal learning climates
  • Training with EASE – a framework for planning and delivering training
  • Creating a safe learning climate for adults
  • Supported practice


  • Supported practice
  • Hypnotic linguistics and transformational storytelling
  • Banishing stage fright forever
  • Managing your perfect trainer “state of mind”
  • Dozens of great training activity ideas
  • 20 ways  to create massive engagement and keep it


  • Using visual, spatial and auditory anchors to trigger resourceful learner states
  • Managing difficult situations and behaviours in INSET (covertly and overtly)
  • Huna and energetics in training settings
    Supported practice and feedback sessions

The 6 Session Webinar Set

6 LIVE evening webinars you can listen to and contribute to, or download and  listen to  later

1 – Introduction to the Accredited Coach Course, including training options and core content. The overview of the one day or four session twilight delivery. How to deliver session 1: The secrets of building an excellent climate for learning,  specific to the coach training context

2 – How to deliver session 2: Delivering coaching theory and  structuring coaching skills development

3 – How to deliver session 3: How to guarentee a successful LIVE coaching demo on a course, and introduce the core coaching model 

4 – How to deliver session 4: How to support coaching practice and introduce coaching toolkits; the right way to close a programme

5 – Adapting the programme for different time frames and audiences, plus top tips for blow-away results that leave people loving your training and wanting to use the skills straight away. Making the training look, sound and feel like your own gig.

6 – Business and Marketing:  how to effortlessly and ethically get people onto your programmes using Natural Matching approaches. How to keep coaching alive with practice groups and build further income streams

The EduCoach Boxset


  • Copy of Coaching Solutions text  – the new edition – with updated research and case studies
  • 2 x copies of the Coaching Solutions Resource Book which are packed with 50 + tools and strategies for coaching in schools, perfect for supporting your courses and your own learning
  • Coaching Card sets – two beautifully produced card sets, full of themed coaching questions which can be used to improve your own coaching skills and as games for others to play in coaching and training settings
  • Coaching DVD, this DVD has whole coaching conversations with and without expert commentary, interviews about the nature of Coaching theory and practice and advanced coaching skills and tools in action –  perfect for use on your courses AND for your own skill development
  • The EduCoach Boxset Training Licence,  allowing you to use the boxed resources in your trainings
  • Coaching Course Guide  – a glossy distance learning guide which gives you the whole course ready for home study, which is perfect for your preparation


Frequently Asked Questions

Q : "What might I be able to earn from training?"

It’s hard to be specific, because it will depend on whether you are running one day or several shorter sessions, but typically freelance trainers earn between £600 and £1000 for accredited courses, plus their travel expenses.

An attractive additional aspect of this training package, is the passive income potential from successfully referring clients to other programmes and resources, once you have qualified.

Depending how much time you can give to training, you could potentially run a course each half term for each twilight session that you can be available for. Top end might be 3 courses per week in each helf term. If you run holiday or weekend programmes this goes up too. If you are freelance then potentially any day that schools are open is a training day.

Q : "How many trainings do I need to run to recoup my investment?"

This depends how much you charge, but working on the minimum fee charge, just over two courses and you have got back your initial training investment. Bear in mind of course that you only have the initial investment in the first year and after that it’s just the license fee to cover.

Q: "Is there cold calling or hard sell?"

Absolutely not!!  Will Thomas has never done this in over a decade of business. Research suggests, it doesn’t work; and it is positively discouraged by us. Such methods are against the ethos and spirit of coaching.

Q: "What happens at the end of the three year licensing period?"

At the end of the period you will be invited to reapply for your license. There will be a refresher training package available, should you wish to re-new your license. The investment will  be than the initial training fees.

Q: "What on-going support do I get?

You’ll get regular webinar-based support (each half term) which will include responses to your questions and additional support with building the quality of your courses. Within this support will also be inputs on developing your ‘Natural Matching’ approach for getting news of your courses out there. You will also receive updates and advice periodically on any changes to the programme or the coaching in education situation to keep you up to date.

Q: "Who recognises the accreditation?"

There is no single recognised awarding body for coaching in the UK (or the world, in fact). The Institute of Educational Coaching (IEC) has been established almost a decade now. It works in association with The University of Worcester, to offer a progression of awards including Masters credits.

The full award is Accredited Coach Practitioner.  This is composed of the Level 1 Introduction to Coaching ( the course you will be licensed to deliver), the Level 2 Advanced Coaching Skills Accreditation, and then the Level 3 IEC Accredited Coach Practitioner which combines the IEC’s practical Coaching award and the University of Worcester’s 20 credit Masters programme.

The IEC, Vision for Learning and The University of Worcester work closely to co-ordinate these accreditation opportunities. This also gives you credibility in encouraging uptake on your programmes once you are licensed.

In the future, there may be the possibility of upgrading your license to deliver the Level 2 courses also.  But this is not certain at this stage.

You can be confident that the  licensed course that you will train to deliver, sits within a progression of qualifications, which combine the best of practical coaching skills with the necessary theory.

Q: "How do we get in touch to ask additional questions?"

Over the period of the course you can call or email your tutor to discuss any issues you might have.  You can bring questions and learning points to the webinar sequence which is interactive and allows you to raise any queries you might have, as well as share your experiences.

Real Success Stories From Our Happy Trainers

Emma Mason

Emma Mason is an independent coach and trainer who is using the Accredited Course to deliver accredited middle leader coach training in the education sector.

“I booked myself on the course for some professional development, a very two dimensional approach …the 3 days took me on a journey I didn’t expect, and opened up routes of thinking and practice I didn’t know existed …I ended my time with some exciting three, perhaps four dimensional results.  Great fun, great challenge and a great think”

Chris Giles

Chris Giles is a Specialist Leader in Education at South Bromsgrove Community High School, a Training School. He runs accredited coaching courses for local schools as well as for staff within his own school.

“The trainer the trainer course has enabled me to have a deep and secure knowledge of the material that I was delivering to colleagues. I can now have more self-assurance in difficult conversations with colleagues and this course has helped me achieve a work/life balance for the first time in 20 years”

Terri Broughton

Terri Broughton is a former school Principal and runs accredited coaching courses for schools and colleges in her area of Norfolk and beyond.

“Will draws out the innate wisdom of all he works with. It is a privilege to work with him. He is the real deal.”

Your Options

Summary Of The Full Programme

  • 3 Days of Trainers’ Training With Will Thomas
  • 6 Weeks of LIVE webinar: How to deliver the Accredited Licensed Coach Training
  • Business-builder LIVE webinar
  • EduCoach Coach Training Resource Box
  • Half termly Online Webinar Coaching once you’re licensed


  • Three year license to deliver Introduction to Coaching Courses
  • PLUS on successful completion of the programmes:
  • Master Trainer Certification
  • Licensed Trainer Status and Logo
  • Opportunities to earn commissions for referring clients to other options later, in addition to the fees you earn for running licensed



Vision for Learning was founded by Will Thomas in 2002. His company has pioneered coaching skills development in education with the publication of Coaching Solutions, the first book of its kind to take coaching skills from business settings and adapt it for use in education. It has provided a ground breaking coaching skills course to schools, in conjunction with University of Worcester, and the prestigious Coaching for Leadership programme to the CfBT Fast Track Headteacher course.

Will’s company has also trained and coached thousands of people in the education sector, military, health services, elite athletes, and government departments as well as private clients.

Vision for Learning Ltd - The Retreat, 121 Old Hollow, West Malvern, WR 14 4NW