Coaching Masterclasses

Achieve Mastery In Your Coaching Practice

Join The Accredited CPD Coaching Masterclass Series Programme with Will Thomas

This is the course to attend if you want to become slicker, quicker and more effective at coaching. Take your existing coaching skills to mastery with this stacked programme.  Coaching demonstrations,  followed by unpacking  the approach, and then doing it yourself.

You'll massively improve your confidence, by revisiting, learning new approaches AND combining multiple techniques for highly integrated coaching practice.

These classes are THE way to attend to hone your core coaching skills to mastery. Learn with a Master Coach, in an environment that's relaxed, engaging and cutting edge.

This course builds on your coaching skills. You’ll take your coaching and rapport-building  skills to an even greater level and learn the precision use of language to support others.

You’ll really improve your confidence using a wide range of techniques and tools. You will have a series of effective strategies for dealing with challenging people. You can still attend this course if you have attended other basic coaching courses, and had some experience of using coaching at work or beyond.

How is the programme structured?

The programme is carefully designed to enable you to:

  • Build on your existing coaching skills
  • Watch high level coaching demonstrations and unpack the process
  • See and hear a Master Coach in action
  • Access tools, skills and techniques not contained in other coaching programmes
  • Effortlessly combine multiple approaches in one conversation 
  • Learn in a safe and supportive and fully interactive online environment

Course Date

TBC Please ask for details

Location & Venue


The programme is filled with opportunities to put all of your skills into action, throughout.

Your Trainer : Will Thomas

These two hour Coaching Masterclass sessions are designed and delivered by Will Thomas. Will is a highly experienced performance coach and trainer with over 15 years in coaching.

A Marks and Spencer Personnel Manager from University, Will moved into education and became Head of Faculty and Senior Leader in a large comprehensive school. He has used coaching extensively to enable people to maximise performance and overcome barriers to success, in schools, The NHS, Military and Elite Sports environments.He has written over a dozen best-selling and award-winning books in the fields of coaching, leadership and creativity. He's been described as a "Maestro of Coaching" (TES) and "One of the best trainers in the country, and probably the world" (Richard Churches, CfBT Evidenced-Based Practice)

What Will I Learn?

  • How to blend multiple coaching techniques in powerful and impactful ways
  • How to choose which skills and approaches to deploy and when
  • How to use conversational change techniques through highly targeted language use
  • Higher level questioning for precisely challenging limiting beliefs in coachees
  • How to use Satir-based questioning and process with clients



  • The role of mindfulness in coaching practice
  • Emotional Freedom Technique for emotional overwhelm and day to day balancing
  • Techniques for dealing with challenging adult behaviours
  • Quantum theory and the impact on coaching practice
  • Hypnotic linguistics for relaxation and rapport
  • Answers to the questions you have about coaching practice.


What if I attend this course?

Attending this course will bring you new levels of confidence and capability in supporting others. From high flyers to the struggling individual, this course gives you cutting edge tools to support them towards  effective change. Your ability to precisely use language to get results will give you the edge in work and social conversations.

The programme will give you the most useful tools and techniques for promoting change in others. You'll know when to coach and when to mentor. You'll also add approaches from areas beyond the coaching arena, to create even greater flexibility in your work. After all they say..."the person with the most flexibility has the greatest chance of bringing about change". Walk away, having met the criteria,  with a Certificate of Professional Development in Coaching from The Institute of Educational Coaching.

*Prerequisite : You must have attended at least a basic coaching skills workshop and had some experience of using coaching at work,  prior to attending this course. 

If you have any questions about this eligibility then please email us (see below).


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 £149 per session

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